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Hypnotic Ceramic Art By Korean Master Potters
Old Clothing Transformed Into Modern Sculptures
Chandeliers Made From Recycled Bike Chains by Facaro
Bee Art You Won't Bee-Lieve
How They Crafted The Dragon Egg From Game Of Thrones Is Really Impressive!
Japanese Artist Recycles Old Skateboards Into Impressive Sculptures
9 Great Classics Recreated With Ripped Paper
This Artist Will Inspire You To Play With Your Food
This Is An Actual Hotel Room In France
Amazing Portraits Made From Thousands of Hammered Nails by David Foster
The Incredible Wood-Chip Sculptures of Sergei Bobkov
Art Made From Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Fire Ant Colony
Street Art That Belongs In A Museum
For those who still refuse to believe that graffiti is art, take a look at these murals done by street artist Smates. Focusing on photorealism and characters, Smates achieves a wonderful, detail filled aesthetic.
Mom Draws On Her Kid's Lunchbox Napkins Everyday For 8 Years
Nina Levy is a loving mother of two sons. She's also an impeccable artist with an uncanny talent for turning boring ole' napkins into portable pieces of pop-culture. Levy says what first started as a "brief maternal indulgence for one child, became a daily project for two". She draws up her sons' requests at night in waterproof markers, though she says they don't often get used anymore; they're passed around to be admired. She has been drawing since 2006, with over 2,000 napkins so far.

Levy has been featured in several well established journals and magazines, including The New York Times, Art in America, and The Washington Post to name a few.
Impressive Sculptures Made With Nothing But Balloons
You may have never thought of balloons as art, but after seeing these wildly impressive pieces, we’re sure you will. Airheads Entertainment awe people of all ages with intricate and creative statues. No more simple puppies or swords, one single creation can become a 40 hour endeavour.
Art That'll Make You Laugh And Then Wonder What's Wrong With The World
It isn't a surprise that jack of all trades, Eduardo Salles, has found an art form that is entertaining, visually attractive and thought provoking all at once. Through his cynical art, he's able to prove the expression, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.
Japanese Dragon Paintings Done, For The Most Part, With A Single Brush Stroke
Known as Hitofude Ryuu, which means Dragon with one stroke in Japanese, the following paintings originate from a studio called Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan, where master painters have perfected this technique over four generations. Using nothing but paint and a brush, they start by creating an ornate dragon head and finish off drawing the body in just one stroke.
The Amazing Coffee Kiss Sculptures of Johnson Tsang
Chinese artist Johnson Tsang reaches deep into the well of cultural history to inspire himself and his art. His sculptures reflect the influences of the Western world by using a traditional drink for inspiration. Yuanyang is a local drink that showcases perfectly that very mix of influences; made from coffee and milk tea, both strong influences of Eastern and Western cultures are represented in the drink. In his art, Tsang uses ceramics and stainless steel to showcase a brief kiss amidst a splash of spilt Yuanyang.
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