The New Canadian Passport Reveals Hidden Images Under Black Light
Canada is known for is countryside, colourful money, maple syrup, poutine, and now, the most epic passports. The old Canadian passport was recently replaced to make way for the ePassport of the future. It has a micro computer chip in the back to store personal information, as well as new and improved security features, including the one pictured below. This is what happens when you shine a backlight on a Canadian passport.
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Solar-Powered Glowing Bicycle Path Inspired By Van Gogh’s Starry Night
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Street Art That Belongs In A Museum
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This Man Makes Beautiful, Majestic Beard Art
Time to get your beard on! This is Isaiah Webb, also known as Incredibeard. Along with his wife, Webb creates a new 'beardo' every week and posts an image or video on social media. Webb began growing facial hair at the age of 11, but it wasn’t until recently that he delved into beard experimentation. As a result of his creations, he has garnered internet fame and opened an online marketplace where bearded gentlemen can purchase beardly products, such as specialized combs, shampoo, waxes, and oils. Check out the photos below to see some of his beardly creations.
World’s First Bionic Pop Star Showcases Her Hardcore Prosthetics In Her Latest Music Video
This is Viktoria Modesta. She is the world’s first bionic pop artist. At the age of 20, she made the life changing decision to remove her leg and replace it with a prosthetic limb. Modesta was born in Latvia under the U.S.S.R. Due to complications surrounding her birth, her hip and left leg was dislocated and subsequent medical negligence led to a stunted growth in her left leg.

This was a life changing event for her. As a child and teenager, she had always felt self-conscious about her leg. When she had her leg amputated, she described her feelings of relief at waking up post-surgery, looking under the covers, and seeing nothing there. She is now a pop star, model, and DJ, as well as a voice for Channel 4’s "Born Risky" campaign. With artificial limb designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata of Alternative Limb Project, she is revolutionizing the idea of a prosthetic limb and creating something truly artful and bionic.
Inconceivable House In Australia Seems To Be Floating Above The Sea
This is The Pole House, located in Australia. It is one of the most iconic houses down under. Lifted 131 feet off the ground, it provides seamless coastal views. It has been recently renovated to extend the gorgeous ocean views into the house. The wall panels are retractable, allowing for a lovely ocean breeze. Curl up by the fire after a long day at the beach, or cook a delectable meal in the chic, updated kitchen. The house is replete with fresh linens for the luxurious king size bed. There is one bedroom and one bathroom. Sorry kids and pets, this rental house is not pet or kid friendly, but let that be a perfect excuse to get away just the two of you.
Artist Hand-Paints Vans Sneakers With Pop Culture Icons
Laces Out Studios promises to deliver on thing: 'art for your sole', and considering the fact that they specialize in custom painted shoes, their promise is a rather clever one. With Vans as a canvas, the artists at Laces Out are able to create wearable creations that are hand painted; no sharpies or airbrushing. Just paint.

(Somebody needs to order "A Starry Night" and call their shoes the VansGogh.)
Artist Transforms A Normal Porcelain Vase Into An Intricate Dragon Sculpture
With a porcelain pot, patience, and heaps of talent, Chinese artist Johnson Tsang was able to express "how [he felt] about [his] country". Following in the footsteps of other great pottery artists, Tsang showcased the true beauty of his process by taking step-by-step pictures until the final product is revealed. Impressive, to say the least.
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