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The Incredible Wood-Chip Sculptures of Sergei Bobkov
Art Made From Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Fire Ant Colony
This 16 Year Old Girl Finds A Way To Solve Pollution Problems... With Bananas
Combining Sketch And Photography, This Talented Artist Creates Captivating Results
Artist Incorporates Iconic Scenes Into Real Life. How Many Will You Recognize?
Intricate Papercuts Made From A Single Sheet Of Paper
Photographers Create Temporary Sculptures By Capturing Flying Paint At The Perfect Moment
Watch How This Artist Brings Doodles To Life. It's Hilarious!
15 Impossible Pictures Made Possible By Photoshop Dreamer Caras Ionut
Deliciously Fun Miniature Food Art That You Can Wear. #15 Looks Good Enough To Eat!
Artist Tricks Your Eyes Into Seeing 3D, When The Drawings Are Actually 2D
Artist Reimagines His Childhood Doodles 20 Years Later
How They Crafted The Dragon Egg From Game Of Thrones Is Really Impressive!
Rextorn Metalwork takes you step by step into creating the Game of Thrones' Dragon Egg. Try not to be impressed as the metalworkers craft a sheet of metal into an incredible work of art worthy of a King– or Khaleesi.
Japanese Artist Recycles Old Skateboards Into Impressive Sculptures
Haroshi is a self-taught sculptor. If you've seen any of his skateboard sculptures you'll easily be able to tell that he’s also a skateboarder. What makes Haroshi standout as an artist is his unbelievable ability to effortlessly combine both his love for shredding and sculpting to create unique artwork. Layers of skateboards are glued together and then carved for the final, trademark striped aesthetic.
9 Great Classics Recreated With Ripped Paper
Vik Muniz has the unique talent of ripping up printed matter (i.e. magazines, comic books, print ads, etc.). He also likes to recompose the paper into collages. Those collages just happen to be classic masterpieces that are perfectly re-created.

The Brazilian artist uses thousands of torn pieces of paper for his work, but it's their rough, jagged quality that brings Muniz' pieces to life. From afar, the original classics and Muniz' versions are impressively similar. Upon closer inspection, the thousands of pieces that compose the copied art is what allows Muniz to differentiate himself from past artists and shine as an artist of this generation.
This Artist Will Inspire You To Play With Your Food
Instagrammer Ida Skivenes does what the majority of insta-addicts do; take pictures of her uneaten food. The reason why her plates have become so popular is her new twist on the classic picture; her own flavour, if you will. By simply making the plates much more fun, the Norwegian food-artist found the recipe to success by creating amusing plates with colourful foods with a side of imagination.
This Is An Actual Hotel Room In France
Entitled 'Panic Room' this piece of art work would be a great place to stay in for most people, but perhaps break-down worthy for a few serious cases of OCD. Graffiti artist Tilt and two friends are the masterminds behind this cooky hotel room; yes it is a real hotel you can stay in. With the help of paint tape, the trio were able to achieve a crisp line between the loud contrast. From entire walls to the smallest pen, these guys were meticulous to say the least, but their split-personality room is one that most of us would like to get to know.
Amazing Portraits Made From Thousands of Hammered Nails by David Foster
Pointillism has been around for dozens of decades, though artist David Foster is the first to nail it. Literally. His artworks begin with a photograph that he then translates into a sketch; proceeding to hammer nails into place to create the incredible effect. Some of his work, like the award winning piece "Lashes and Nails: is composed of an estimated 16,000 nails. Talk about talent, and patience.
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