The 10 Incredible Places Almost Untouched By Mankind

It’s something of a saying up north in Canada that you’re likely to walk where no one has walked before. Turns out that’s more true than we thought. All over the world, there are locations so remote and so difficult to reach that no one has set foot there. Their incredible beauty captured from the comfort and ease of an aircraft.

#1. The Isolated Boreal Forest In Canada

#2. The Tepui Of Venezuela
The word ‘Tepui’ means “house of the gods” in the native language of the Pemon, the people who inhabit the area. There are many of these mesas in Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana and few have ever climbed them.
Tepui, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
MONTE RORAIMA - Fronteira entre Brasil, Venezuela e República da Guiana

#3. The Honokohau Falls In Hawaii
Sharp ascents thick with vegetation have prevented even the most intrepid of explorers from reaching this area from the ground. It is supremely beautiful.

#4. Parts Of The Amazon Rainforest
While many parts of the Amazon have been explored and exploited, there remain hundreds of uncontacted tribes and many miles of jungle yet unseen by human eyes. It is so massive that there is almost no hope of ever exploring it in its entirety.
Rio Juruá (Jurua river) - Amazonas - Brazil
Amazon rainforest
Amazon rainforest

#5. The Gangkhar Puensum Mountain In Bhutan
This is the highest mountain in the world that hasn’t been climbed by anyone. This is a result of the combination of it being extremely difficult, as well as being seen as holy to the locals.
Gangkhar Puensum
Gangkhar Puensum - getting closer

#6. The Tsingy De Bemaraha Of Madagascar
Referred to as the “stone forest” of Madagascar, these knife-like formations and canyons are the result of limestone erosion. The result is a sprawling and chaotic mass of spires, bridges, and gorges that have largely gone unexplored due to the difficulty.
Madagascar, Tsingy
Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar
Tsingy de Bemaraha
Tsingy de Bemaraha
Madagacar, Tsingy

#7. The Kerguelen Islands Of France
Also known as the “Desolation Islands,” this French overseas territory is one of the most isolated places on Earth. Located in the southern extremes of the Indian Ocean, the only access is by boat from the nearby French island of Réunion.
Kerguelen islands

#8. The Rock Islands Of Palau
Though remote, an ancient and short-statured people once lived on these islands many, many years ago. In spite of this, they remain one of the most remote and difficult places to reach in the Pacific.
The Rock Islands of Palau
Rock islands of Palau
Rock Islands of Palau
Jellyfish Lake

#9. The Dallol Volcano In Ethiopia
Though the area surrounding the volcano is inhabited for the purpose of salt mining, the area closest to the volcano itself is uninhabitable. Interestingly enough, scientists believe the appearance of the volcano could be similar in appearance to the surface of Io, a volcanic moon in orbit around Jupiter.
Earth trap - Dallol volcano - Ethiopia
Acid lakes - Dallol volcano - Ethiopia
Dallol Volcano Concretion

The Palmyra Atoll Of The United States
No permanent settlement exists or has ever existed on this atoll. Only a handful of researchers making camp from time to time. The waters, reefs, and coconut palm groves are pristine as a result.
Paradise Island
Palmyra081015 107
Palmyra081015 096
US Geological Survey in action
now imagaine 1000 of these guys

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