This 100-Year Old Theatre Houses a Fully-Functional Bookstore!

There are a laundry list of a reasons to visit Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires. It’s a gorgeous city rich in culture and, apparently, bookshops.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a bookshop in Buenos Aires, was recognized in 2008 as the world’s second most beautiful bookshop. I can’t imagine what the first place title holder looks like, but it doesn’t matter because this store is absolutely stunning.
Buenos Aires bookstore
Buenos Aires

The shop was retrofitted from an old theatre, originally constructed in 1919 with a capacity of 1050. It later became a movie theatre in the late 20s and then, in 2000, the bookshop that is is today.

El Ateneo

Buenos Aires - El Alteneo Bookstore

The honor bestowed on this shop is no small feat, considering that Buenos Aires holds the record for most bookshops per capita at 1 shop per every 4000 people (734 total, give or take). The shop draws roughly one million visitors every year and, really, who could blame them?

Bookstore - Buenos Aires


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