18 Stunning Animals With The Most Unexpected Colors

The world we live in is a colorful one indeed. From the vibrant and aromatic flowers of the world, to the bright rainbow reefs, and the incredible creatures on every continent, our world is awash in color and beauty. But sometimes there are ‘rebellious’ animals that shun their normal color schemes, mostly due to genetics.

Other rare and specialized animals are deliberately flamboyant because it is crucial to survival or for finding a mate. Because of our schooling and our established definition of ‘normal’, we may have trouble imagining creatures in any other color, but here are 20 stunning animals with the most unexpected colors that can be found in nature.

#1. Bright Purple Sea Snail
purple sea snail with bubble raft

#2. The Black ‘Ayam Cemani’ Chicken
11 Shocking Pictures of One of the Rare Chicken Breeds

#3. The Nicobar Pigeon
Nicobar Pigeon

#4. Albino Peacock
Albino Peacock

#5. Pink Katydid
Pink Katydid

Pink Katydid Nymph

#6. Rainbow Cricket
Rainbow Nymph

#7. Regal Ring-Necked Snake
Diadophis punctatus regalis - A Colored Regal Ring-necked Snake.

#8. Pink Orchid Mantis

#9. Pink Robin
Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster)

#10. Indian Bull Frog
Indian Bull Frog

#11. Amazon River Dolphin
001 IMG_6776 Pink dolphins


#12. Albino Squirrel
Albino squirrel

#13. Albino Crow
白烏鴉 White Crow 1-6Z2K4533(Taiwan019)

#14. Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster

#15. Halloween Crab
Costa Rica

Halloween Crab

#16. Red Velvet Ant
Red Velvet Cow Killer Ant (7)

#17. Chimera Lobster
Two-coloured lobster!

#28. Red Slug

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