19-Year Old Transforms Her Face With Just Some Makeup

Putting on Makeup just to look less tired is a feat in and of itself. Can anybody even give me a contouring tutorial that doesn’t require 4 years of art school to pull off? Probably not. Still, hats off to those of you with an expert-level makeup game. I’m looking at you Saida Mickeviciute.

Makeup Sloth

The 19-year old, London-based artist/fashion student was born in Lithuania. Inspired heavily by horror films and producer Tim Burton, Saida’s work makes for the perfect halloween costume. Amazingly, she developed her skills through practice alone. She said she started in 2015 around Halloween and has been at it ever since. Now, her work looks incredible! Check out some more of her pieces below!

Makeup Doll

Makeup Monster

Makeup Muscle

Makeup Airship

Makeup Nutcracker

Makeup Facewipe

Makeup Demon

Makeup Ice Queen

Makeup Scissorhands

Makeup Jigsaw

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