20-Foot Balloon Dinosaur by airigami

You have never seen balloon animals like these. Never. This huge structure is sculpted completely out of inflated balloons and measures 20ft. in length. It was installed in the lobby of the Virginia Museum of Natural History by airigami, a design team headed by Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle with fellow creators Marsha Gallagher, TJ Michael, Phil Cosmos and Dee Cosmos. Museum staff and a group of elementary school students assisted in this massive undertaking. The dinosaur took four days to create and was left in the museum for as long as the balloons remain inflated. The balloons are coloured in realistic earth tones so that unless you look closely – you will not realize that it is made completely from balloons. What an experience for young students to participate in!

This time lapse video shows the building of a 20-foot balloon acrocanthosaurus at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

-via Design Boom

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