200 Push Pins and 500 Feet Of Rubberized Thread Made This Music Video

With the relatively inexpensive cost of CGI and other digital resources, it’s always something of a pleasant surprise to see painstaking artistry of the hands come to virtual life. Stop-motion animation is a long and arduous process, but it has a certain charm to it and you help but appreciate and respect all the time, energy, and effort the artist put into their work.
This isn’t to say that digital resources can’t be artistic in their own way. CGI films and stunning works of art are made daily on the internet for the enjoyment of the masses. It’s just that there is something almost horrifyingly impressive about works like these involving pins and string.

The music video for “Change Is Everything” by Son Lux is a dazzling display of pin and string-based artwork that will dazzle with its surreal nature and style. A mixture of rotoscoping and stop motion were used by The Made Shop to bring life to a piece of foam board. You can even find an informative, amazing, and somewhat shocking “making of” video here.

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