2D Sketches Come To Life In These Wire Sculptures

Capturing the accurate form of an object is difficult enough to accomplish with pen and paper, but Lisbon-based Portuguese artist David Oliveira has taken it a step further with wire sculptures. Looking like rough and unfinished sketches from a notebook, they are three-dimensional sculptures that challenge our perceptions.
From most angles, his creations may look like an abstract and jumbled mess. But if you look from the right angle, an austere image emerges from the chaos. Though there exists a raw beauty in his works, there is also a fragility and structure that echoes the fragility and structure of nature itself.
Born in Portugal in 1980 and graduated in Sculpture with a major in ceramics from the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon, we can’t wait to see more of David’s perception-challenging and mind-boggling sculptures. Whether they are based upon animals or based upon the human form.








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