3D Printed Aquariums Change the Way Fish See the World

It is said that you should not keep fish in round bowls because, in addition to other reasons, it distorts their vision and stresses them out.
If you’d like a more humane way to distort your fish’s sense of reality, check out these cool 3D printed tanks!
waterscape 6

Designer Haruka Misawa has created “minimalist aquariums – aquariums with basic yet elegant designs – for your aquatic friend to splash around in.
waterscape 5

waterscape 2

His works, titled “Waterscapes” were recently displayed in a Taiwanese exhibition

waterscape 4

Each set piece in the tank is printed using a 3D printer and is designed to mimic the function of coral and flora found in a fish’s natural environment. The tanks are designed as well to allow air pockets to form, bringing more oxygen to the plant life inside.

waterscape 3

Each piece is supported by the water, as they wold naturally bend or collapse under their own weight on land.

Check out the video below to see these neat micro-environments in action!

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