The 5 Most Spectacular Land Formations In the World

#1. Cave of the Crystals
Cave of the Crystals in the Mexican state of Chihuahua is famous for its giant crystal formations. It is located 300 meters underground, housing crystals that may be over 500,000 years old.
The Cave Of The Crystals

#2. Vermillion Cliffs
The Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona is comprised of amazing cliffs and canyons, undulating in stripes of colored sandstone. As the sun casts its light at different angles throughout the day, the colors of the landscape change.

#3. Giant’s Causeway
Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland looks kind of like a massive pipe organ made of stone. Different sizes of rectangular blocks form a surreal geometric pattern rising out of the misty water.
Giants Causeway

#4. Zhangye Danxia
China’s Zhangye Danxia landforms are richly arrayed in reds, oranges, and yellows and were formed by millions of years of sandstone deposits, giving them their layered look.
Zhangye Danxia landform

#5. Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills in the Philippines is aptly named for its mounds of chocolate-colored limestone that peek out when the grass dies back in the dry season.
巧克力山(Chocolate Hills)

via BBC

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