Saimir Strati: 7 Time Guinness World Record Holder Mosaic Artist

Mosaic artist, Saimir Strati, began his career doing restorations to several mosaics at the archeological sites of Byllis, Amantia and Appolonia in Albania. He has created some of the most spectacular mosaics and has been awarded with 7 Guinness World Records in the last decade. He has created one-of-a-kind mosaics using only toothpicks, nails, screws, coffee beans, wine corks, or even paint brushes.
Leonardo Da Vinci
In 2006, he has won his first Guinness World Record recreating the self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci using nearly 400 kilos of nails over a 2x4m surface.






Reinless Spirit
In 2007, he wins his second Guinness World Record working 40 days to create the image of a horse using 1.5 million toothpicks over a 4x2m surface.








In 2008, he collaborates with what is now Ekphrasis Studio to begin his third world record attempt – which was a success. The mosaic had a Mediterranean theme, and consisted of 229,764 wine corks over a surface of 12.94×7.10m.








King of Pop
In 2009, in honor of Michael Jackson after his death, Saimir Strati creates the world’s largest paintbrush mosaic of the King of Pop. It was composed of 230,000 paintbrushes, and it earned him his fourth Guinness World Record.







Artists Banknote
In 2010, for the Guinness World Record Day, he finishes the largest screw mosaic with over 350,000 screws. The art piece represents a banknote, and was dedicated to artists all over the world as he felt that artists are poor, yet blind to money as it is not what drives them. This piece of art earned him his fifth Guinness World Record.






One World,One Family,One Coffee
In 2011, Saimir Strati took 31 days to create the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic with over 1 million coffee beans. In this piece, he united 5 characters from different continents – South America with a samba dancer, North America with a cowboy, Asia with a Chinese girl playing tambourine, Europe with an old man playing a firzamonik, and Africa with an African boy playing tribal music. This was his sixth Guinness World Record.








The New Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic
After having his world record for the largest bean mosaic beaten by Russian artist Arkadi Kim, Saimir Strati raises the bar in 2012 with the new largest bean mosaic, and sets his 7th Guinness World Record.






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