A Glass Room Overlooking the French Alps at the Aiguille du Midi Mountain Peak

Inspired by the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk and designed by Pierre-Yves Chays, Step into the Void is a glass cube located at the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak above Chamonix. Three glass walls, floor and ceiling panels, built around a metal frame and suspended off the side of the mountain, allow anyone brave enough to admire the mesmerizing view and more excitingly, look all the way down and experience 1035 meters (3395 feet) of space under their feet in total safety. Anyone with vertigo can step in!

Installed on the uppermost terrace of the Aiguille du Midi (3842m), Step into the Void can be reached in almost 20 min by The Aiguille du Midi cable car.

Source and photo credits: chamonix.net

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