All Of These 10 Things Have Been Taken Apart. Can You Guess What They Are By Their Parts?

Canadian photographer Todd McLellan gets to do what every young child wants to do. Destroy things for the fun of it. Though McLellan’s work has a bit more weight to it, the final results of his work continue to be consistently entertaining.

Entitled “Disassembly” (for obvious reasons), this series of photographs shows us all of the nuts and bolts we hardly ever see. McLellan explains in a thought provoking statement that “[he] envisioned all the enjoyment these pieces had given [to] many people for many years, all to be replaced by new technology that will itself be rapidly replaced with half the use”.

via Todd McLellan – Book available here – Prints available here and here

Disassembled accordion.

You probably didn’t hear these revving on sunday morning. Now you do.

Old lawn mower.

Hipsters everywhere are trading their laptops for these vintage contraptions.

Old typewriter.

Old phone.

A disassembled massacre.


Old camera.

You better believe Canadians will know this one.


Your laptop’s Grand-Daddy.

Old Macintosh.



If you enjoyed these great images, be sure to check out his book available for purchase here.

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