Amazing Close-Ups of Animal Eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Professional photographer Suren Manvelyan captures a surreal dimension of everyday life through macro photography. In Animal Eyes, he marvels his viewers with extreme close-ups of different species, allowing them to discover an unseen reality. The vibrant colors, intricate details and incredible textures can remind one of beautiful landscapes and planetary surfaces. Shown above is the eye of a lama.

Photography by Suren Manvelyan – websiteFacebook

Kramer’s parrot

Husky Dog

Nylus crocodile

Blue crayfish

Coral zebra fish

Discus fish

Blue-yellow macaw parrot

Armenian muflon


Flying possum

Gecko Eublepharis

Garden Tree boa

Gecko Tokay

Anolis lizard

Long-eared owl


Red-eared turtle

Basiliscus lizard


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