An Amazing Story Of Life And Death Told Through A Piece Of Yarn

There is a vast catalog of works that do their best to lift the morbid specter of death from our thoughts. For many, it is the belief in a blissful afterlife. For others, there can be romanticism in the idea that matter and energy cannot be destroyed, and therefore a loved one’s matter and energy are still in the cosmos, albeit in a different form.

When thinking of conveying their own personal thoughts on life and death, the British band ‘James’ knew they had to get Ainslie Henderson to be the animator for the video. They made an astute choice, since Ainslie is a BAFTA winning writer and director and his work is being celebrated and awarded from France, to Russia, and even Canada.
Serving as the music video for “Moving On,” this masterpiece of animation and cinematography tells a heartrending yet inspiring story of life and death, and it is told simply with pieces of yarn. Even though there are no faces, emotion can still be easily felt when watching the story unfold. It is a wonderful if somewhat saddening tale of love and loss, as well as the continuation of life in some form. It is a truly exceptional piece of work.

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