Artist Creates Amazing Doodles with Light and Photography

And you thought Lite Brite was cool. Darren Pearson is the master at making things with light.
Goblin Slayer
These are not photoshopped. Using long exposure photography and some form of light wand or similar tool, Pearson has perfected the art of drawing with light in mid air.
deer hunting

Some of his creations are particularly detailed and all of them clearly required a lot of patience. It’s likely exhausting work, but as you can see, the payoff is so worth it.

Wild West

While he does not have a particular subject that he explores, he does have many works that involve skeletons and dinosaur bones – likely because both are fairly intricate and make for fascinating muses for this medium.

Shabby Road


Nail in the Coffin

give love

making waves

night rider

Check out more of his work here!


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