Artist Creates Chocolate LEGO Set

Do you LEGO blocks, but find that they just aren’t chocotastic enough for you? Well, artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has a solution to that problem.
choco lego 6

choco lego

Mizuuchi has created a modular system for creating chocolate LEGO moulds. After solidifying, these blocks can be popped out and used to build anything – until they melt, of course.
These confectionary wonders are incredibly detailed – right down to the impressive (albeit potentially copyright-breaking) LEGO insignia on every stud.

choco lego 4

Mizuuchi has so far created a number of admittedly simple structures, though considering the relative scarcity of the building material and the delicacy required to handle it, they are very impressive.

choco lego 3

choco lego 2

Mizuuchi has even made bricks in a variety of colors.

choco lego 5

Hopefully, it won’t be long until we see a chocolate brick Eiffel Tower, chocolate brick Washington Monument, or chocolate brick sculpture of Betty White. If Mizuuchi decides to hold a chocolate LEGO mould sale, I’ll be there with a large class of milk.

choco lego 7

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