Artist Devotes 100 Hours To Creating A Mandala Map Of The Earth

High in the mountains of Tibet, Buddhist monks became famous for the intricate, detailed, and supremely beautiful sand mandalas that they casually wipe away once completed. It is a testament to patience and dedication. The 23-year-old Australian Artist Emma Carey has both of these qualities in abundance.

After roughly tracing a Mercator projection map of Earth’s surface, this talented Aussie begins the laborious and pain-staking task of drawing lines and circles that came together at the end to reveal a picture much greater than the sum of its parts. She never loses sight of this fact as she draws.
Carey only learned how deeply she loved drawing after she got into a terrifying accident that rendered her paraplegic. She was grateful that her hands hadn’t been taken from her. Since then, she has learned to walk again and celebrates her good fortune through her wondrously-detailed pieces.

Artist spends 100 hours creating intricate world map mandala:

Posted by Bored Panda Art on Thursday, August 4, 2016


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