Artist Finds Fallen Tree Branch In The Street, Turns It Into Amazing Shelf

Named for the street he found it on, Chilean-born but New York based artist Sebastian Errazuriz created the ‘Bilbao’ shelf out of a fallen tree branch. Its natural shape and form largely decided how it would fit upon the wall and where the shelves would go.
Once he finished some minimal sanding, he gave it a nice black finish and installed the shelves for an incredibly unique and stunning look. While many are understandably calling this a shelf, by Sebastian’s own definition it’s more of a functional sculpture.
Through his eyes, we can see immense creativity and an incredibly strong work ethic. He also rarely stays in one place for long. He was born in Chile, raised in London, and currently based in New York. He’s constantly travelling and making a vast array of designs, sculptures, public works, and exhibitions that show his creativity and strong personal convictions, as well as his social stances on a variety of issues. He’s so prolific that this isn’t the first time he’s made something out of trees, examples of which can be seen below.








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