Artist Paints Music And The Results Are Stunning

(Featured image is the artist’s representation of ‘All The Love In The World’ by Nine Inch Nails.)
With music owing its existence to sound and painting as a visual form exclusively something we need to see before our eyes, the vast majority of us cannot blend these concepts together. However, for those like Missouri-based artist Melissa McCracken who have Synesthesia, such a concept comes naturally.
As she explains: “Until I was 15, I thought everyone constantly saw colors. Colors in books, colors in math formulas, colors at concerts. But when I finally asked my brother which color the letter C was (canary yellow, by the way) I realized my mind wasn’t quite as normal as I had thought.” Synesthesia is where someone can experience more than one sensation at a time. For example, there are those who can taste colors but in Melissa’s case, she can see music.
As a result, her paintings are a stunning reflection of what she hears, and it gives us a new insight into how music feels. ‘Imagine’ looks and feels whimsical. ‘All The Love In The World’ looks and feels cold. ‘Joy In Repetition’ is an audio and visual explosion of guitar-soloing. It’s a fantastic representation she can convey, and we can’t wait to see more of her work.

Radiohead – Nude

Prince – Joy In Repetition

Johnny Mathis – Misty

John Lennon – Imagine

Etta James – At Last

Glass Animals – Flip

Radiohead – Karma Police

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