This Artist Showcases The Elaborate Process Of Oil Painting

It’s very likely that we have all had a chance to eye an oil painting somewhere. Maybe there’s one in your home, or perhaps at your office. Maybe you’ve seen one at an art gallery or a museum somewhere. While we marvel at its prettiness and often exquisite detail, we may not fully understand how much intricacy, patience, and understanding of the medium goes into such a work of art.

To remedy that, Chinese-born painter and artist Yuehua He has made several videos showcasing the process for oil paint portraits; one of which we have for your enjoyment today. Starting with beautiful and broad strokes and finishing with delicate detailing, we see him create a beautiful depiction of a girl that comes to life before us. He has also done impressive reproductions of oil paintings, as well as a good number of abstract pieces. His work has been featured in both America and China, and he has helped to foster artistic connections and exhibitions between the two nations.


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