The Astounding Hyperrealistic Paintings Of A Chinese Artist

Hyper-realistic painting isn’t technically new, but has certainly seen something of a comeback in the wake of the digital revolution. Curiously, though we can take high definition pictures with ease, some opted to go with the brush instead of the button and have often earned significant praise for it.
Photography can also be an art form and stir emotions within ourselves, but there is a unique other-worldliness to hyper-realism. Born in 1963 in Sichuan, China, Leng Jun has made a name for himself as an influential contemporary painter and currently resides in Beijing.
The incredible details he is able to capture in his paintings are astounding. You need a magnifying glass in order to appreciate the true beauty and magnificence of the brush strokes, and all the patience and finesse that goes along with it. From far away, one could swear it was photographer with a filter. One needs to become intimate with the painting in order to better appreciate it and its fine details, and there is certainly a message to be taken from that.









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