Beautiful Glass Sculpture Mosaics of Vintage Pressed Glass

Pressed glass is made by pouring molten glass into a cast iron mold in order to get intricate shapes and patterns. Color is often added for that extra wow factor. It was very common and popular until crystal became the hot trend of the 1920s. But artist Amber Cowan is bringing the practice back in a new way.



Amber is an accomplished artist and educator living in Philadelphia. She has taught in schools around the country, her work is on display in places as far away as Shanghai, China, and yet she still finds the time to make these incredible pieced made from fragments of pressed glass she has come across.




The results are colorful, stunning, and with an air of fragility around them. Some are so exquisite that at first glance you might have assumed that they were plants that had been spray painted and coated in a thick shellac. There is extraordinary detail and texture in her pieces, and we can’t wait to see more of them.




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