Beautiful Time-Lapse Captures The Night Sky And The Milky Way

Living out in the country may not be for everyone, but it certainly has a few advantages. One of them is a lack of light pollution, which means some truly breathtaking night skies and meteor showers take place far away from the hustle and bustle of a city brimming with lights.
Filmed over the course of six hours in the middle of the Namib Desert (largely located within the southern African nation of Namibia), tour guide and photographer Brendon Cremer captured a truly stunning time-lapse of a single night in the desert. In fact, it’s downright awe-inspiring.

Brendon himself admitted that he got far more than he bargained for when he captured a thunderstorm that stole the stage from the twinkling and spinning sky above. You can clearly see the Milky Way and the beautiful colors that come from long exposure to space. If it doesn’t leave you starry-eyed, hopefully it will leave you with an appreciation for the beauty of our world and the universe.

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