Blossoms Plague the Japanese Landscape – and It’s Gorgeous!

Japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Like little dots of pigment, cherry blossoms can fall from their branches and get everywhere, spreading the majesty of the plant across the landscape.
This effect is even more majestic from a distance. Photographer Danilo Dungo has made a habit of visiting Japan’s Inokashira Park every year to take in the cherry blossom-riddled scenery. While his photos are all breathtaking, his most eye-catching works capture the blossoms overflowing into the water, creating a froth-like appearance.
From a distance, it appears as if cotton candy, bubble bath, or paint has spilled into the clear waters.

In fact, up close you can see each individual petal on top of the water. These photos make Japan look so romantic and picturesque, I’m tempted to pack my bags and hop the next redeye to Tokyo.




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