The Bottomless Library: Books That Plumet into the Abyss

“When My Father Died It Was Like A Whole Library Had Burned Down”. That is the quote that inspired and titled Susanna Hesselberg’s entry in the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea competition.
The piece, which looks like a small, square mine shaft encased in glass, is in fact lined with books with their spines to the walls and their contents pointing to the middle.

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The song from which the work derives its title is about human memory and its role as an archive. The narrator pleads for the never-ending world to remember her. She considers death, particularly her father’s death and the resulting loss of his memories equivalent to the loss of a library to a fire. The library, which is buried underground, is evident to all who pass by, but accessible to no one. Check out more of her works here.

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