Canadian Baker Makes Complex Pasta Entirely by Hand!

Mmm, pasta. Or, more specifically, mmm, homemade pasta.

Though it originated in Italy, pasta has become a ubiquitous dish in many parts of the world. It’s often available in boxes, ready to be boiled and served in just minutes. While this is the preparation method of choice for most people, some still prefer to make their pasta by hand. It’s labor intensive and time consuming, but the resulting dish is truly a cut above the factory made stuff.
But what about pasta varieties that come in complicated shapes? Some styles have such detailed swirls or bends that it’s got to be impossible to replicate them by hand, right? Right?

Well, no. Baker Miyuki Adachi has turned handmade pasta into an art form, making all sorts of noodles, shells, and filled creations in all sorts of shapes and varieties entirely by hand. Wonder how he does it? Check out some of his amazing works below!

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