Capturing The Power And Beauty Of Waves In Glass

Water and its dynamic forms have been captured in artistic forms of all kinds. From Japanese woodblock printing, to photography, to numerous paintings and sculptures, capturing the form of water has enchanted people around the world. Graham Muir of the UK is no different.
His seemingly gravity-defying waves of colored glass capture moments of water’s fluidity in a solid and enrapturing form. It’s taken him over 9 years and lots of creativity and experimentation to come up with these techniques. He explains “…the idea was to create a glass wave captured at the point of crashing down. I wanted the form to convey both the beauty but also the often-frightening power of nature. I wanted this piece to be a warning about mans negative impact on our environment…”
He’s developed an ethos of working with rather than against the glass, and upon closer inspection this seems to have worked out amazingly well. The cuts and colors are truly reminiscent of the raw power of the ocean, made of a delicate material and frozen but for a moment in time.






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