The Clashes Of Color That Are Vinyl Tape Floors

These deliciously vibrant and colorful floors are collectively known as ‘Zobop’ and they are the work of Scottish contemporary artist Jim Lambie. Typically consisting of seven or nine different colors and hues, Lambie marks off floors in sharp and repeating patterns that bold stand out from their surroundings.



Ever since his first ‘Zobop’ piece in 1999, each tape floor creation is unique to its surroundings and floor plan. Perhaps it traces an uneven floor space, or highlights the bases of columns and molding. The architecture of the room is what determines the shapes and patterns of the colored tape.



Born in 1964 and raised in the Scottish city of Glasgow, Lambie often sourced his material directly from the modern world around him. References to pop culture and inspiration from music can be found in many of his works, of which there is an impressive catalog. Having a long and storied career with numerous showcases, installations, and exhibitions, Lambie is now one of the most successful and significant Scottish artists today.





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