Company Beautifully Restores Vintage Steampunk Bowling Alley

Back in the heyday of Prohibition when morally righteous folks thought they knew what was best for the country, crime saw an incredible spike and gang warfare became common. Names like Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde ruled the towns. All to wet the whistles of Americans thirsty for riches in any form they could find. But little is left of that time.

There is a classic and almost timeless style to this chaotic period of American history, and it is wonderfully captured by this beautiful bowling alley located in bright and sunny Los Angeles, California.



Originally opened in 1927, Highland Park Bowl located on N Figueroa Street was your classic American bowling alley. But in the 80s and 90s, it made the transition to a live music venue that apparently became quite iconic. At that point it was known as ‘Mr. T’s’.




But nearly 90 years after its original debut, the 1933 Group (a group dedicated to changing the face of the LA bar scene and transporting you to a different era) undertook the challenge of renovating and revitalizing the vintage bowling alley to its former glory. The ancient yet operational machinery adds a unique steampunk ambience to the space.





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