Creative Pasta Packaging Transforms Noodles Into ‘Hair’

(Feature image and all other images courtesy of the artist’s Behance page.)

Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way. Art and advertising are the furthest thing from strangers, and there are many examples of their excellent combination, including this one from Russia. With a minimalist approach, Nikita Konkin of Moscow, Russia has packaged pasta in a rather fun and creative way.

According to the various types of pasta, there are different hairstyles associated with them. Spaghettoni girl has long and straight hair just like the pasta. Cavatappi, the curly one, is reflected in the girl’s ‘curly hair’. It’s delightfully simple yet highly effective.


Though it may be hard to obtain if it’s only available in Russia and the rest of Europe, it may be enough to get you to switch brands, if only in order to obtain these adorable and highly creative boxes. It’s an effective application of hybridizing art with advertising.



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