Creative Zoo Ad Campaign Illustrates Animals With What They Represent

The following ads were made by advertising agency RLR Advertising for the Los Angeles Zoo as part of the “Where Learning Happens Naturally” campaign. The series features three different animals drawn based on what they represent. The wisdom of the owl is illustrated by books, the memory of the elephant by computers and to symbolize color, the gorilla is made of colored pencils.

Colorful – Where Learning Happens Naturally

Wisdom – Where Learning Happens Naturally

Memory – Where Learning Happens Naturally

Client: Los Angeles Zoo
Advertising Agency: RLR Advertising, Pasadena California, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Hans Castro Gallo
Copywriter: Roberto Leni
Illustrator: Salamagica
Photographer: R.Salamaca
Additional Credits: Albaro Ibarra, Nikki Robischon
Published: September 2010
Images via Ads of the World

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