Creepy and Crazy Body Art That Warps Your Perspective

Exploiting the failings of the brain and rational thought to create mind-boggling illusions is something magicians have been doing for millennia, and artists are beginning to catch up. Thanks to the presence of the internet, makeup and body artists are reaching bigger audiences than ever before and one of those artists is Lisha Simpson.

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Just 21 years old and a native of Canberra, Australia, Lisha is a creepy and creatively talented artist who also manages to find the time to be a mother to two young children while using her body as a canvas.

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Utilizing a black backdrop and her knowledge of perspective and illusions, she paints her hands into all kinds of masterpieces, some of which can be quite morbid. With her tools and knowledge, she can create a dream world on the palm of her hand, or have it swarming with worms that devour her flesh.

Her work is surreal and mind-bending, while also being humorous at times. It can also be mildly horrifying, and can swing towards the cute side of the spectrum. There is a lot to see and absorb when taking in her work, which explains her growing fan base. We can’t wait to see her next pieces whether they’re creepy or cute.

A photo posted by Lisha (@lishaajasminee_bodyart) on

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