A ‘Crystal’ Eruption Made From Non-Recyclable Materials

Composed of wood, plastic, acrylic, styrofoam, glass, plexiglass, and salt, this jagged symphony of shards erupts from the floor of the gallery. Titled ‘Points of Contention’ and created by Baltimore-based artist and sculptor Jonathan Latiano, it is certainly imposing.


This is one of Latiano’s earlier works from five years ago, but we find it to be just as impressive as his other works. From afar it resembles a crystal that would not look out of place in a museum on a much smaller scale. Only when you get closer is it revealed to have been made from discarded and non-recyclable materials.




Speaking to what drives him and his art, Latiano had this to say: “My earliest artistic experiences were among the displays and dioramas of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. I find the complexity, balance and scope of scientific fields such as geology, evolutionary biology, physics and astronomy to be simultaneously compelling, beautiful and unsettling. I am fascinated by time and our subjective perception of the past, present and future. My explorations into these fields form the conceptual base that fuels my artistic practice.”




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