CYCLE – Beautifully Animated Contemporary Spin On Life And Death

“Life is a cycle. We are dying from birth, reborn till death.”

That is the sole description of the short film ‘CYCLE’ that was directed by Kouhei Nakama, a visual art director working at WOW inc. in Tokyo, Japan. Kouhei leaves a lot of the film open to personal interpretation which, as many would argue, is entirely the point of modern art.
There have been numerous musings on what qualifies as art, as well as what makes art important or significant. For many, it has to do with social and political commentary. For others, it has to do with introspection and perhaps even philosophy.

Art is such a vast a complicated thing that will never be truly defined because it cannot be truly defined. Do you see the cycle of life and death in this video, or do you simply see a celebration of art and technology? Whatever you see, that is meaningful art to you.

CYCLE from Kouhei Nakama on Vimeo.

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