Dad Has Been Getting Son’s Drawings Tattooed On Him Since He Was 4

Every year, since his son was four, Keith Anderson has chosen a drawing of his son’s and had it tattooed on his right arm. It began when Kai, Keith’s son, started kindergarten with the drawing of a daisy, then adding the drawing of the house when he was four. Since then, they have added one drawing per year. When Kai was six, Keith added the seahorse. At seven, Keith added the maple leaf with a ‘C’ for Canada. One of Keith’s favourite, the stained glass, was added when Kai was eight. Keith loves this tattoo because it was Kai’s own abstract idea. Keith has used three different tattoo artists over the years, most recently settling on Tedd, an artist based out of Peterborough, Ontario, where Keith resides.

According to Keith, “No one I know has ever heard of tattooing original kid art before, and it’s a lot of fun. We will keep going until he doesn’t want to do it anymore. At this pace, he is still very excited about it, so we’ll keep going. People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.”

The photos were taken by professional photographer Chance Faulkner. Chance specializes in wedding and engagement photos, but has branched out into family, individual and commercial photography. He endeavours to capture images that inspire a story unique to each subject.

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Keith Anderson’s Twitter

Recently, Keith’s son Kai has taken part of the tattooing process, and he loves it!

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