Abuse – ‘Damaged’ Porcelain Sculptures That Remain Unshattered

Montreal-based French artist Laurent Craste certainly seems to have an affinity for subversion. He plays with his porcelain medium in ways we wouldn’t expect – or would particularly admire – when we come face to face with it. His current work is almost comical.



Titled ‘Abuse’, Laurent’s latest porcelain sculpture series captures various vases in a position of damage and abuse, though he has sculpted them to remain unshattered. Everything looks squished and misshapen whereas it normally would fracture into pieces and piles of dust.



Explaining in his artist statement, “…I regard the inventory of original models from the main 18th and 19th century European porcelain manufacturers and use these models as a basis for research on the status of the collectibles, by subjecting them to a practice of deconstruction and violent alteration of their formal structures, or by contaminating their traditional decorations through a subversive process of subject substitution.”



His works is certainly unconventional, and sometimes even a weird mix of humorous and disquieting. His work has been exhibited in many public and private collection, and his work can be found on permanent display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada. If you find yourself in the area, see them in their uncomfortable glory.




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