Dazzling Light-Based Zoetrope From Japan

Japanese media artist Akinori Goto has designed some truly delightful and fun 3D printed zoetropes. When viewed from the side, the lit zoetrope reveals either a dancing girl or a walking man depending on the one you’re viewing.
The piece involving the dancing woman was recently on display at the Spiral Independent Creators Festival in Japan, and it managed to win both the Audience Award and the Runner-Up Grand Prix. They are quite lovely to look at. In fact, they are almost hypnotizing.

While a 3D printed zoetrope is definitely something new, zoetropes themselves are not. Its earliest predecessor can be traced to 5000 years ago in Iran. It was a type of pre-film animation device that could produce an illusion of motion by displaying sequences of drawings that spun around and could be viewed through an eye hole. Of course, the modern ones are much more interesting to look at.

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