Deliciously Fun Miniature Food Art That You Can Wear. #15 Looks Good Enough To Eat!

Life like miniature foods by artist Shay Aaron are much more then they appear– they’re also jewellery! Sadly, none of it is edible (they’re made from polymer clay and surgical steel), but they are deliciously fun to look at. OK, well, maybe not if you’re hungry.

Artist – Shay Aaron
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#1 – S’more Studs

#2 – Gouda Cheese Ring

#3 – Watermelon Wedge Studs

#4 – Sunny-Side Up Cufflinks

#5 – Ice Cream Sandwich Necklace

#6 – Pink Raspberry Eclair Earrings

#7 – Taco Charm / Pendant

#8 – Ham and Cheese Necklace

#9 – Pepperoni Pizza – Studs

#10 – Raw Steak Earrings

#11 – Ice Cream Ring

#12 – Vanilla Donut Ring

#13 – Juicy Grapefruit Ring

#14 – Raspberry Macaron Charm

#15 – Cream Puff Earrings

#16 – Hoagie and Soda Earrings

#17 – French Toast Ring

#18 – Avocado Cufflinks

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