Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

A new kind of street art has arrived! In the tradition of chalk or sand artists, we now have dirt art. Artist Scott Wade believes – and writes on the cars – that “art is everywhere” and indeed his mobile art gallery proves that this is so.

He draws images in the dirt of cars such as the Mona Lisa, different breeds of dogs, a wide variety of faces and even one depicting a person “trapped” inside a car – knocking on the window trying to get out. The interesting thing about this art is that it is created on cars, so the pieces are drawn by Wade but edited by nature through rain, wind, leaves and other external factors. Temporary art speaks to the immediacy of life – of living in the moment and enjoying each day as it comes.

Elf’nt Ears

Albert Einstein

Let’s Get Kinky In Austin

Friend In Need



Girl With A Pearl Earring

Him & Her

Happy Holidays!!

Scott with Brush

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