Discarded Tree Trunks Transformed Into Innovative Wood Sculptures

South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee is a master woodsman, though not for the reason you may assume. While he has made delightfully intriguing furnishings, it’s what he sees in discarded scraps of wood that grab the attention and bring a new and unique beauty to the craft.
Born in 1965 in Hapchen, Korea, Lee has believed for a long time that one can get more of a “wow effect” when you create a striking piece from everyday, common materials. His wood pile is massive, and he never wastes a piece. He loves the natural rings and patterns unique to each tree, though not all pieces make it and some end up rotting away.
For Lee, it’s about showcasing the woods natural shape and characteristics, rather than trying to form it into something it’s not. Whether they are big pieces or a collection of small pieces, the power and energy of nature shines brilliantly within his range of exceptional works that have been exhibited since the 90s.








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