If Disney Princesses Were Reimagined As Hot Dogs

(Featured Image by Anna Hezel)
For all the magic, grandeur and enchantment of the Disney universe (including those gargantuan theme parks they run around the world), there are still so many questions left unaddressed by the Magic Kingdom. Serious questions like: are Mickey and Minnie married? A less serious yet equally interesting question is what would Disney princesses look like if they were reimagined as hot dogs?

Thanks to the curious minds of the people over at lucky peach, we finally have the answer. Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella thought about what Disney Princesses inspired them the most, and then decided to recreate them in food form. This proves once again that food can be art in and of itself. For all the details and an in-depth tutorial, head on over to luckypeach.com to recreate this yourself.

via Lucky Peach – h/t Bored Panda









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