The Dodo Bird’s Closest Relative is Gorgeous

Everybody has at least one dumb, beautiful relative – even the Dodo bird.

Nicobar in the Spotlight! by Sue Demetriou on

I’m just assuming that this bird is dumb because it is the closest relative of the dodo bird – a species that drove itself to extinction 400 years ago through sheer ineptitude.


This bird is named the Nicobar pigeon and it looks just as cool as the name suggests.

Nicobar! by Sue Demetriou on

Found in the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean, this colorful fella is incredibly photogenic and, like its relative the dodo, might eventually go extinct, too. It’s been hunted in large numbers for food (sidebar: I thought attractive birds were for painting/photographing/keeping as pets and the ugly ones were for eating).

Caloenas Nicobarica ( Nicobar Pigeon ) by Kathy Kornak on

Nicobar pigeon

Nico by Michael Deneau on

Regardless, it is gorgeous and we all need to appreciate its beauty while its still around. Save a bird; eat a squirrel.


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