Cursed – A Short Film That Is Deceptively Smart And Funny

Jeez, the things some people accomplish after they graduate. ‘Cursed’ is a graduation short film made by Merel van den Broek and Nicole Derksen as part of their time spent studying at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, Netherlands. While on the surface it appears deceptively simple, this short is anything but. Without a single line of dialogue, the story and the emotions of our main character are made crystal clear. By any definition, that qualifies as impressive.

Now, while the story is remarkably standard in the use of certain tropes, it beautifully counteracts that by flipping these tropes on their head, as well as putting in a handful of appropriate twists and turns in this short film. It’s a little heartwarming, a little heartbreaking, and impressively funny. Again, this is without a single line of dialogue being uttered. These fresh-faced talents have already won an animation award, and their work continues to make the rounds in Europe. We strongly encourage you to give these girls a chance.

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