Edible Sea Glass Looks Just Like The Real – And Unedible – Deal

Sea glass is a very real thing that comes from years of dumping glass and garbage into the oceans. The pieces of glass are smoothed and polished by the sand and other materials, leaving behind a colorful yet most unusual beach to behold. And now there is an edible candy that looks just like the real deal.



Jason and Andie are the Texan duo behind Andie’s Specialty Sweets, a delightful little company that has a very simple philosophy; “to give Treats unto others as we would want them to give Treats unto us.” They certainly have high standards.



They have kinds of creative candies on offer that are a feast for the eyes and make for convincing (and delicious) fakes. The hues for the sea glass candies are quite lovely, and reminiscent of the oceans. They are aquamarine, sea-foam green, Caribbean blue, and sea grass green, and turquoise. They are so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat them.

via Etsy



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