Eye-Catching And Stunning Custom Car Art Using Only A Sharpie Pen

While deployed overseas in Japan, one member of the US military was in search of a car. Specifically, a Nissan. He was originally going to repaint it since silver was one of his least favorite colors. There were some scratches on the front bumper and he decided to let his girlfriend doodle on the area since it was going to get repainted at some point.
But then a simple doodle spiraled out of control into a night-long journey of artistic mastery that made the boyfriend change his plans. When the sun came up on the elegantly detailed bumper, he knew they had to keep going. Instead of a new paint job, the girlfriend became the lead artistic designer of the project.
She carefully and patiently began to incredibly long process of using a sharpie pen to paint beautiful decals and shapes on the entire surface of the car. The entire arduous process took close to 100 hours of work and several rounds of protective coating to ensure the design lasts. It’s a wonderfully unique paint job that is sure to turn heads in Tokyo, and speaks to the devotion, patience, and talent of this young man’s girlfriend who joined him overseas.

It Was A Long And Arduous Process.



Every Single Surface Was Detailed.


There Are So Many Unique Patterns To Catch Your Eye.





The Finished And Glorious Product.


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