Famous Artworks Recreated From Random Tiny Objects

Using found and recycled materials such as plastic toys, shells, beads and buttons, British artist Jane Perkins reinterprets famous paintings like Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and portraits of iconic figures including Albert Einstein. No color is added to any of the materials – they are used exactly as found. Her art is the result of her incredible talent for mixing thousands of differently colored, textured, sized and shaped elements into a single masterpiece. From a distance, one can easily recognize the artwork being reinterpreted, but it’s when up-close that one is mesmerized by the details that are revealed.

Art by Jane Perkins – website

Afghan Girl

Albert Einstein

Girl With a Pearl Earring, after Johannes Vermeer

Mona Lisa, after Leonardo da Vinci

Jubilee Queen

Princess Diana

Usain Bolt

Sunflowers, after Vincent Van Gogh

The Japanese Footbridge, after Claude Monet

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