Famous Paintings Turned Into Wearable Clothes

It’s probably safe to say that the majority of you who visit this website have a favorite famous artist. Some may love Van Gogh above all else, and others may feel a greater connection to the work of Klimt or Monet. But have you ever loved them enough to wear representations of their famous work? I hope you would say yes.



An Indonesian-based artist known simply as M Gazel has traveled and lived all around the world, writing, cooking, practicing design and even photography. Now she has turned her sights to these beautiful garments that features some of the most famous paintings ever seen on the Earth.



Of course, these versions are not exact, nor are they to scale, but they are exceptionally beautiful and richly colored when called for. There is no doubt something for everyone here, as all the great painters of history have some form of representation in these wonderful -and fashionable – clothes.

via Etsy





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