Fantastical Forest Dioramas Give New Life To Nature

(The following comes to us from Felix Macias, who knows the artist personally.)

It’s been a struggle to find something to say about the dioramas of Drew Mosley that hasn’t been said before. How they are stunning, detailed, haunting, innocent, foreboding, and beautiful works of creative art. The carefully layered anthropomorphic figures possess an engaging strangeness; they feel both familiar and alien at the same time.
An artist and carpenter living in Ottawa, Canada, he spends his days exhausting himself between his studio work and various woodworking and building projects in the region. What free time he has is spent outdoors and with his lovely wife and their adorable giant of a dog. His work has been featured in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and internationally at the Santorini biennial in Greece.
It’s clear that he’s making himself known in Canada and around the world, and its hard not to see why with these resin-layer masterpieces. A delicate blend of paint, resin, and arboreal acquisitions have resulted in these slightly surreal and wonderfully gorgeous crafts that merge the forests of our world and our dreams into one.










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