Farmer Donates His Harvest to Feed the Hungry

Living in a farming community in Indiana and being a farmer himself, Jonathan Lawler was moved to action when his son came home from school and told him about a friend who had no food. Lawler said it made no sense that people were going hungry right around the corner from miles and miles of crops. He began to wonder how many others in the surrounding communities were in the same situation.

And it wasn’t just about having any kind of food, it was about having access to the food they needed–vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Jonathan decided to turn his farm into a non-profit and set out to donate 500,000 pounds of food to local soup kitchens and food banks in the first year of the endeavour. That was the majority of his harvest, which he would have normally sold. Now, his goal is to have 500 acres within five years to further the cause.

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